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English 2322: British Literature Assignments

This guide was created for Dr. Brinkman's English 2322 British Literature class. Descriptions of assignments, related texts, and the best databases and resources are included. Survey of British Literature - Anglo-Saxon through the 18th Century. Fall 202


This project asks you to work closely with a poem written in 16th-century England, editing, modernizing, and explaining it.

The task:

  1. Pick a linked poem from the list provided in D2L. This poem is written in early modern English. I have linked three collections of sonnets; you can pick any one sonnet you’d like.
  2. Modernize the spelling and punctuation. You can translate this from verse to prose; you do not have to keep the rhyme and meter. When these poems were written, spelling and punctuation was not regularized. Make sure that the spelling and grammar conform to modern rules and standards and that it’s written with modern usage.
  3. When there is a difficult word, provide a footnote with a definition, so that the reader can understand.
  4. After the poem, write a summary of what it is literally about. This should probably be about 10 sentences long.
  5. After your summary, provide the reader a short paragraph of background information  on the author. (Information on researching a poet is listed below.)
  6. In a third paragraph, explain the poem’s relevance and what it has to offer a modern audience.
  7. In a fourth paragraph, reflect on the project itself and your process in completing it.
  • Poetry is modernized with definitions provided for upper-level vocabulary
  • MLA Heading and header
  • Works Cited page; outside sources properly cited
  • Four well-developed paragraphs after the poem.


Point Value

Modern Rendering of the Poem


Summary of the poem


Author Background


Explanation of poem’s relevance




Author and Text Information

Several library databases contain biographical information about authors.  Three of the best are are listed below.  If you have trouble searching or locating information, contact us.  We are happy to help!

Database Tutorials/Help

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