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English 2322: British Literature Assignments

This guide was created for Dr. Brinkman's English 2322 British Literature class. Descriptions of assignments, related texts, and the best databases and resources are included. Survey of British Literature - Anglo-Saxon through the 18th Century. Fall 202


This short research assignment asks you to look into various interpretations of King Lear and then complete a creative component. First, you will access J-Stor or Project Muse (both of which are databases) through the library’s website and find an essay about King Lear whose title interests you. Then you will complete the following tasks.

The steps:

  1. Find an ACADEMIC essay about King Lear that attracts your interest. (Use J-Stor or Project Muse for the best results.)
  2. Read the essay.
  3. Write a summary of the essay (one paragraph).
  4. Write a reflection with regard to the essay (one paragraph; see the rubric below for ideas or specifics).
  5. After you’ve done that, take ideas from the essay and get creative with them. Come up with a creative concept related to King Lear. You can come up with an idea for a prequel, sequel, or contemporary staging.


  1. MLA Formatting
  2. Proper citation of article
  3. 3 paragraphs: Summary of article, response to article, creative concept
  4. Length: 900 words minimum
  5. Edited for clarity and typos



Point Value




  • Heading, header, title
  • Indented paragraphs, double-spaced, no extra spaces
  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • In-text citations
  • Works Cited page

Paragraph 1


  • Summary of article
  • Article must be academic
  • Properly cited
  • Proper context provided
  • Ratio of 3 sentences of student commentary for each quote
  • Minimum of 200 words

Paragraph 2


  • Reflection/Response to article
  • Questions to consider: do you agree? Did this make you think about the play differently? What would you like to learn more about?
  • Ratio of 3 sentences of student commentary for each quote
  • Must quote King Lear as well as article
  • Minimum of 300 words

Paragraph 3


  • Creative concept: lays out a detailed plan for prequel, sequel, or modern staging of the play, using ideas and themes  that are mentioned in the academic article. Explain not only the concept for the creative work but also how it was inspired by academic ideas.
  • If work is cited, it must be cited properly
  • Minimum of 400 words

Best Databases





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