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Mexican American Literature: Houston

Biographies of Houston Authors.


Chrome Salazar


Interview with the Author

Time to Eat

Eating food and cooking is one of my favorite things to do

It literally the solution to all my problems

What do I do when I'm happy? I eat

When I'm sad? I eat

And if I'm angry....ill eat the fuck out of whatever you give me

However, The only problem with cooking is I know how to cook maybe less than 5 things and one of them is cereal,


I really want to learn how to cook

Because every time my dad or mom cooked for me, it was out and love

When my grandma cooked for my grandpa, it was out of love

Growing up I learned every time you give someone food, it was sign of giving love

I learn that food is practically love

That food is love

showing love to someone isn't something that only happens in bedrooms

Giving love to someone in this kitchen is an invitation to something they possibly never would have experienced

If only I was able to cook for someone to show them how much I loved them as well

But how can I cook for someone if I can't cook for myself

I mean, how can I love someone if I can't love myself

In this kitchen, my counter has all the ingredients to make this food for someone

But what's ingredients good for if my hands have no experience to cooking

What's a recipe for love if I don't know where to start

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