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Library Manuals & Resources

The purpose of this guide is for library staff to have quick and easy access to tools and resources to help with providing the best service possible.


Faculty Landing Place

LIB 202 is now open as a Faculty landing place. There are 6 computers with printing capability. That being said, faculty are still welcome to use ADM 203.

Student Computer Workspace

In addition to ADM 203, SCC 252 (our former workspace) will be set up as another computer lab for students to use. Students will have printing capability. However, there will not be an Add Value Station. We are directing any new-to-print or students that have to add cash to their account to ADM 203.

Returned Library Items

Because we do not have a library courier service at this time, we are not taking any returned items that are not LSC-Kingwood material.

Do NOT take returned items, unless it is an LSC-Kingwood item. If you do not know, then do not accept it.

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