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Library Manuals & Resources

The purpose of this guide is for library staff to have quick and easy access to tools and resources to help with providing the best service possible.


Faculty Landing Place

LIB 202 is now open as a Faculty landing place. There are 6 computers with printing capability. That being said, faculty are still welcome to use ADM 203.

Student Computer Workspace

In addition to ADM 203, SCC 252 (our former workspace) will be set up as another computer lab for students to use. Students will have printing capability. However, there will not be an Add Value Station. We are directing any new-to-print or students that have to add cash to their account to ADM 203.

Bookstore Transition

Will students be able to get scantrons?

Yes, we have worked with all VPADs to know what specific scantron is needed at each location and Felix has those supplies covered for students.

What is happening now?

·         Follett is packing all their items and equipment

·         Both Follett and Barnes & Noble are working thru the inventory on-hand to transfer ownership of existing books

·         B&N has been receiving book pallets and boxes to all bookstore locations for projected inventory on late start classes and orders that they have issued to the publishers that received cancellation orders from Follett. This way, the allocated inventory to Lone Star College will be coming in for our students

·         Meantime, B&N has given a link for late start classes only to LSCS for students to order their books free of shipment to the address of their choice

·         B&N confirmed with Follett that all scantron and blue books were donated to each campus office and they put a note on the bookstore door telling students where to pick up scantrons and blue books

·         B&N, as the new bookstore supplier for Lone Star College, is proactively working to meet our students’ needs even before their official contractual start date of October 1st. This gives us the confidence that they understand our needs and will be a strong vendor relationship for years to come


What happens next?

·         B&N will start cleaning and modifying Centers and Campuses to be ready for opening day on October 8, 2018

·         B&N will be doing an inventory reconciliation for books available on Monday, October 8, 2018

·         Monday, October 12018 is the official contractual date for B&N, the website will be fully available and loaded with late start books, note that no fall books will be loaded

·         Valarie Iltis and Felix Robinson will be the main point of contact during the transition week, from Monday, October 1st to Monday, October 8th

·         If a student has a Follett gift card active, B&N will honor it as of Monday, October 8, 2018

·         A call to faculty: if you are aware of students that have not been able to get their Fall books yet, please send Felix Robinson and Valarie Iltis the list of those books so that B&N can search in their national inventory and fulfill these orders for our students, both copied in this email


Recent issues 

·         We learned from VPIs that some students have been waiting for Fall classes books from Follett, in some cases for 4 weeks.

o   If the student ordered the book and has not arrived or was not picked up as of September 26, last day of Follett operations, B&N will take ownership and set them aside to be picked up by the student starting on October 8, 2018

o   If the student did not placed an order with Follett for Fall classes, they can contact B&N for a special order as of October 8, 2018. B&N will make best efforts to help the student find the needed books

·         B&N website not working for some late start classes. LSCS has given B&N a list of all the late start books and that is what has been loaded in the link. If the book is not found, please contact Felix Robinson for help at . He will check within B&N inventory and provide support.  Note that B&N has not loaded any Fall books as those were under the previous supplier

·         Last week, our Faculty let us know that for the class EDUC 1300, publisher McMillan offered to build a microsite to support orders for B&N. Both McMillan and B&N have agreed to open the microsite to fulfill Lone Star College needs for EDUC 1300 book only and here is link:



·         Feliz Robinson – LSC Bookstore Manager for B&N

·         Valerie Iltis – Contractor and Supplier Management for LSC

·         Nayeli Saucedo – AVC Supply Management for LSC

Returned Library Items

Because we do not have a library courier service at this time, we are not taking any returned items that are not LSC-Kingwood material.

Do NOT take returned items, unless it is an LSC-Kingwood item. If you do not know, then do not accept it.

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