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Learning Commons Manual & Resources

Peak Week

As far as required books, please see this link. There are numerous ways for students to locate their texts. The bookstore link is the easiest way to search. Please practice with this tool before classes begin. Also, students can do a faculty and/or a syllabi search to find this information. On the first day of classes, students may be able to log into D2L to locate their syllabus and other useful information. As an additional step, please give them the link to the course materials guide and mention that the library may have electronic and/or print copies of their texts. Please promote this link to everyone.
NOTICE (August 4, 2020):

The Faculty Senate Presidents once again raised significant concerns over the communication (or lack thereof) from B&N and the issues surrounding books and how students are able to access the correct book information and obtain their textbooks without a physical location. Shipping is still free and the VPIs again stressed the need for faculty to be flexible at the start of the semester to account for shipping delays and scare availability of student purchase options in person. The VPIs and FSP have also raised this issue with CFO Jennifer Mott and her team is working diligently to address concerns before the Fall start.

You can find class information including section number, course name, instructor, building and room number, and more on the Faculty Class Information on the intranet.

A student’s class schedule may say “TBA” on the location section. First, check to make sure it is not an online class “OL”. Second, you can find class locations on the intranet. If you have a line of people, suggest to students to log into their MyLonestar and recheck their schedule online. Many times student printed their schedule too far in advance, and the class locations may not have been set until right before the first day. Lastly, if the room location looks odd, check to make sure the class is on this campus.


Have you seen these people in the Learning Commons?


They’re kind of a big deal. Pictured above are Dr. Melissa Gonzalez, Kingwood's President, and David Baty, Kingwood's Vice President of Instruction. Both of these people regularly drop by to see how things are going. They help us get our funding for the space and our personnel positions. They also bring important guests on tours. Please make sure that when you see them you illustrate how great our staff and space can be. Be welcoming and helpful! Make sure the space looks its best and that you’re busy helping students!


No one should leave the Learning Commons without an answer. If you don't know how to answer it, identify who can help the patron and call them.

LSC-Kingwood Library | Ask Us: | Reference: 281.312.1693 | Circulation: 281.312.1691 | LIB 100, 20000 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339