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Learning Commons Manual & Resources

Wear your ID badge at all times when you work at the service desk. This indicates that you are an employee of the college and students are more likely to stop you while you are walking the space.


Have you seen these people in the Learning Commons?


They’re kind of a big deal. Pictured above are Dr. Katherine Persson, our campus president, and David Baty, our Vice President of Instruction. Both of these people regularly drop by to see how things are going. They help us get our funding for the space and our personnel positions. They also bring important guests on tours. Please make sure that when you see them you illustrate how great our staff and space can be. Be welcoming and helpful! Make sure the space looks its best and that you’re busy helping students!


No one should leave the library without an answer. If you don't know how to answer it, identify who can help the patron and call them.

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