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Library Manuals & Resources


No one should leave the library without an answer. If you don't know how to answer it, identify who can help the patron and call them.

For all technical questions call OTS Service Desk: 832-813-6600.

Faculty Workspace

Faculty Landing Place

A workroom has been set up in APA (formerly PAC) 200 E&F (they are connected) for faculty use. There are six all-in-one computer stations in the room as well as a table for a laptop or paper-based work. Printing and photocopying are available. 


  1. Please do not use the main area of APA 200 as tutors need that space to work with our students.
  2. If the door to APA 200 is locked, please contact an officer to let you into both 200 and 200 E&F: From a cell: 281-290-5911; an on-campus phone: 5911 

  3. The staff in the main area of APA 200 are tutors assisting students.

Returned Library Items

Because we do not have a library courier service at this time, we are not taking any returned items that are not LSC-Kingwood material.

Do NOT take returned items, unless it is an LSC-Kingwood item. If you do not know, then do not accept it.

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