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Learning Commons Manual & Resources

Emergency Information

Make sure that you have signed up to receive emergency text alerts from the college. Pay attention to text messages and emails from the college as your supervisor may or may not be able to contact them. In the case of unexpected closures due to inclement weather or other reasons, part-time staff will be paid for their scheduled shifts.  Your supervisor will key in the missed shift for you.


  1. Log-in to myLoneStar
  2. Click on “Employee
    Screenshot for Employee
  3. Click on “Personal Details
    Screenshot for Personal Details
  4. Click on “Contact Details
    Screenshot of Contact Details
  5. Add phone numbers by clicking on plus sign
  6. Click the "Save" Button
    Screenshot for Save

Occasionally, someone may try to enter or exit the building through the emergency exit door. Under those circumstances, we have a key in the Work Room cabinet to turn off and then reset the alarm. 

The Lone Star College Police Department is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For police services, call 281-290-5911 (5911 from a campus phone) to be connected to a state licensed police dispatcher.  

Effective 10/01/2018, you will see/experience changes with the classroom phones.  You will find stickers placed on the phone with dialing instructions.


  • When you lift the receiver from the phone, the recording will begin, automatically.  
  • You will be directed to press "1" for LSC Police Dispatch or "3" for Computer Support (OTS).
  • If the receiver is removed from the phone and is not replaced within several seconds (even if no number is pressed), the phone will automatically dial LSC Police.  Therefore, in essence, a short delay has been added between the receiver being removed from the hook, but before connecting to LSC Police, in order to allow: 
    1. the caller to request computer support.  
    2. the user to hang up if the receiver is accidentally knocked off the hook.  In this case, if the phone is returned to the hook before a specified number of seconds elapsed, no call is sent to the LSC Police Dispatch or to OTS.

There is a First Aid Kit in the Workroom (LIB 101) if you ever need something, like a Band-Aid for a paper cut.  The pain is REAL!

The night administrator position is currently vacant. We will update this once we know that the position has been filled.

If there is an emergency, call the police: 5911


Panic buttons are installed at each station of the service desk. They are located under the counter to the right or left end of the station.


The buttons are to be used only in emergency situations where it is not safe to pick up a phone to call the police. 

Insert your finger into the opening and push down to activate the silent alarm. This alerts the police and they will come to investigate.

In the off circumstance where the alarm is accidentally activated, push it back up. The alarm will not deactivate until the police come to investigate.

During the initial transaction with the student

  • Use open body language
  • Soften the tone of voice
  • Mimic the language of which the person is using
  • Try to remove them from the general population
  • Respond to the here and how about their comfort needs: Do they need a glass of water or chat, etc?
  • DO NOT try to fix the problem. This typically will add to the frustration and increase negative behavior. There will be time for them later to seek solutions. However, this is the moment for appropriate behavior reminders (gently) and emotional validation.

During normal working hours

  1. Contact either Judith Watson (281-312-1545) or Sharon Kenemore (281-312-1574). Both can assist. Simply call both and see if one can come by.
  2. Another option after that is Lee Ann Liebst (281-312-1453), even though she’s not technically a counselor.

Failing the above

  1. Say “Right now, there aren’t any counselors on campus, but tell me just a little about what’s going on so I can contact someone else or get you to contact information for the right people.
  • If it’s just, “I’m super stressed and going to fail all of my classes” – Provide the student the counselors' contact information and emphasize that they’ll be in touch as soon as possible if she/he contacts them.
  • Give them contact information from the list of external help like Family Time are linked below in the Community Resource Guide. This guide is linked directly on the Library's home page.
  • If there is any belief that the student might harm him/herself or others, calmly contact the police (emergency: 5911; non-emergency 813-6800).  
  • If they say something like “I’m having a breakdown” then try to get a little more information. It’s okay to ask them to figure out your next step.

Download from the Apple Store or Google Play “MyEOP” (Organization Code: Lonestar) for general emergency instructions and LSC contact information.

LSC-Kingwood Library | Ask Us: | Reference: 281.312.1693 | Circulation: 281.312.1691 | LIB 100, 20000 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339