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Learning Commons Manual & Resources

Why do we need to keep statistics?

We must document our services with real data to demonstrate our value to administration. If we cannot prove that we need as much staffing at our service desks, staffing needs and work hours will decrease. Statistics justifies why we all have jobs. Keep count!

What data do we collect?

Every hour, count:

  • the number of empty seats (seats that are not occupied in the space)
  • the number of people in the labs
  • the number of people in the foyer

Note: count benches by tables.


We keep track of the number of student IDs and staff badges the library creates throughout the year. This also includes the number of online library barcodes that are requested for use of the databases by online students.

We monitor the traffic flow in and out of the library. This allows us to see how many people are using the space in the course of a day, week, and month.

**Pending reevaluation in the new space.**

We monitored the movement of the library's material on a monthly basis. The data collected includes:

  • Interlibrary loans
  • Number of checkouts
  • Number of renewals
  • Total number of transactions
  • Number of books and non-print material received in bins from other libraries
  • Number of in-house use of material

Face-to-Face Reference transactions


Reference Consultations (documented by five minute durations)


Chat transactions


Email transactions


Data is collected by the lead instruction librarian. It includes:

  • Requests
  • Faculty (full or part-time)
  • Course
  • Number of registered students in the class
  • Type of instruction service: instruction, a return instruction, workshop, workday, orientation tour, honors research consultation, or general use of the space
  • Timing: Month, day, time



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