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Learning Commons Manual & Resources

Student Needs

There will be people who will complain about the noise level in the Learning Commons. This is not a non-traditional library where we cater to a variety of study needs.

Offer some options to accommodate quiet needs:

  • Borrow headphones or noise-canceling headphones,
  • Sit in the study pods by the windows,
  • Borrow a laptop and study in another quiet area on campus,
  • When the 124 lab are not scheduled for a session, the LIB 124 lab can be used for silent independent work. No food or drink allowed in the space.


Disruptive students

While conversations are encouraged and allowed in the open area of the Learning Commons, there can be times when the sound level of certain group conversations needs to be addressed. Another student does not need to approach the service desk to complain before action is made. During your frequent walks around the space, you need to nicely approach the group and ask them to lower their voices as their conversation is disrupting others. Communicate with the rest of the team at the service desk upon your return.

The next person to walk the space should follow up with the group if they continue to be loud and disruptive. On the second approach, the students should be informed that we have a three-strike policy and if they need to be approached again, they’ll be asked to leave. Again, communicate your actions with the team.

On the third time ask them to leave. If students attempt to escalate or argue, remain pleasant but firm. Do not argue or continue to repeat yourself as this will increase tensions. If they refuse, call the police to handle the situation. If calling the police, make it clear that it is not an emergency situation but that there are disruptive students who’ve been asked to leave and are refusing to do so. Many times they are in the Learning Commons and you can ask to talk to the students as they walk around the space.

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