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Technology Manual

  1. Tap on the screen to wake it up.
  2. Tap it again to turn it on.
  3. A pop-up option will ask you with you want that room's projector (Separate) or both room projectors (Combined) to be turned on.
  4. Within seconds the projector will light up.
  1. Hit System Off.
  2. Wait several seconds until the projector turns off.
  • The buttons on the left of the screen allow you to alternate between different visual sources. This may be important if the computer is not working. You use a laptop with an HDMI adapter and select Laptop HDMI.
  • Want to hide the content for just a moment without turning off the projector? Hit Display Mute.

The stylus pen works on the teaching podium monitor. It has a number of features. This guide covers the ones that will be the most relevant to librarian instruction.

Locate the Table Tools

Next to the date and time on the desktop toolbar is a stylus icon. Click on​ it. 


Windows Ink Workspace

  • Write on sticky notes.
  • Take a screenshot and write all over it.
  • Write on a white page in Sketchpad.

Each lab is equipped with a set of microphones. They are set to specific frequencies, so make sure to use the microphone labeled for that particular lab. There are three different kinds of microphones.


Clip-On Microphone & Bodypack Transmitter 
  • Uses 2 AA batteries
  • On/Off switch is next to the antenna on the body pack. Remember to turn off the microphone when the session is over.


Handheld Microphone & Transmitter
  • Uses 2 AA batteries
Boundary and Gooseneck Base Transmitter
  • Is stationed at the teaching podium.

The Canon laser pointer was purchased for instructional needs in the large labs. It can project at a great distance. The green light is color-blind -friendly. Additional features include: moving slides in PowerPoint, turn the screen blank, and timing features.

The pointer takes two AAA batteries.

A plug-in dongle is built into the remote that can be removed. Remember to replace it back into the laser pointer after use. 

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