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Technology Manual

Missing Touch Screen Keyboard


If the touch screen keyboard does not appear:

  1. Get the keyboard from the drawer in LIB 109.
  2. Hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE
  3. Sign Out to reboot the computer.
  4. The Print Release Station should automatically log in. (See below for instructions if it prompts you to log in.)
    The catalog computers use the generic KLRCREF account login. 
  5. Once the computer reboots, (quickly) click on the Notification icon on the far right side of the taskbar. 
  6. Make sure that Table Mode is turned on.
  7. Click on the Task View button next to the search box on the toolbar.
  8. All the apps and browsers that are open will pop up. You should see Pharos or Chrome here.
  9. Click on the program and you are back in business!


Sign in Prompt

Print Release Station

If the Print Release Stations do not automatically log in, let Mikha or Allison know, they will log it back in. In the evening and weekends, please contact OTS to log them back on.

Library Catalog

The reference librarians are responsible for logging in the catalog stations using the generic KLRCREF account information.

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