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Technology Manual

Check how many pages are left with the current toner. To prevent waste and excess cost, do NOT replace until it can't be used any more. 

Printing Information

  1. Printing is currently available only for faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Printing for public patrons is not available at this time because we cannot make guest accounts.
  3. Use the scanners to photocopy information. The user can print it through the pay-to-print setup. Photocopying is available for faculty in APA 200.

Notice: Large print jobs do not print and will freeze the person's queue. This typically happens when students want to print a large PowerPoint presentation with lots of photos (Nursing students will often do this). Have them break up the job and do set it to do multiple copies.

Reams of paper are stored in the Workroom, LIB 101. 

If the paper supply is low, please let Anne know so that she can order more. 

Coin Copier manages the Add Value Station. If the machine is full of bills, call 281-565-0805 for them to empty the machine.

If there are other technical issues, call OTS to troubleshoot.

Pharos is the pay-to-print software. Each circulation and reference employee has administrative access to the back-end. This is where we can push through failed jobs and in rare situations refund the student if we are unable to print the job that they have been charged.


  1. Log in to Pharos
  2. Under Job Management, select either Queued Jobs or Printed Jobs
    1. Queued Jobs are sitting is someone's print queue but have not been sent to the printer.
    2. Printed Jobs are ones that have been released to a printer. 
  3. In the queue, make sure to select all the Kingwood Print Groups: Kingwood ADA Print Group, Kingwood Print Group, and Mobile Print Group.  Note: It might be easier to filter through the list if you set the Job arrived to the Last Hour, if relevant to your situation.
  4. Click on the job.
  5. In the Actions toolbar on the right, click Print Job.
  6. A Print Job window will pop-up. Select the appropriate KC printer and hit OK.
    1. Black and white printers: KC-PBW-LIB109-01 & KC-PBW-LIB109-02
    2. Color printer: KC-PCL-LIB109-01
  1. Log in to Pharos
  2. Go to Accounts 
  3. Search for the student.
  4. Click on Credit located on the right toolbar.
  5. Credit Balance window will pop-up.
  6. Check Print and Copy Refunds.
  7. Enter the amount in the field to the right of Print and Copy Refunds. Click OK. 


All the public computers are set to print to the KW-PBW-LIB109-01 (next to the Add Value Station) printer by default. Once the job is released, it will usually be printed on the BW 1 on the cabinet counter. However, depending on the size and quantity of print jobs happening in a short period of time, a job may be printed at any of the printers. Encourage the person printing to check all printers and to check to make sure he/she is not walking off with someone else's job.


  • Users are ONLY paying for the toner used. Each page is counted into the cost. This also includes double-sided print jobs; each side is still counted as one page each = 2 pages.
  • Each paged sent to the printer is counted into the cost of the job. This means that if someone sent a job with the last pages blank, it's because that's what they told it to do. 
  • In the print set up, the user can set specific pages to be printed to avoid unnecessary printing charges.


Before going to a Print Release Station, the user can select to have a job printed in color by choosing KW-Color. Each page costs $0.50. 


  • If there is a lot of printing going on, black and white print jobs can be routed to the color printer. They will not be charged color fees in these circumstances.

 ADA Printer

We have intentionally stationed the second black and white printer on a table next to the scanner to make print jobs accessible to people at a lower height. Like the color printer, one can select the ADA-BW printer to ensure that the job comes out of that particular printer.


Pay-to-Print and Mobile Print

Pay-to-Print gives students, faculty, staff, library patrons and guests the ability to print documents in color or black and white for a small fee at any LSC library. Some computer labs are also equipped with the services for students, faculty, and staff use. First, funds must be added to an online account before a user can print. Students, faculty, and staff with either an LSC Student/Employee ID or a Library card (Harris or Montgomery County Public Library) can add funds to their account using an Add Value Station (AVS) or online via myPrintCenter.

MobilePrint for Students
MobilePrint allows Lone Star College students to send a document to any of the Pay-to-Print release stations in any of the college libraries from their mobile device – laptop, tablet or smartphone. Email the documents you want to print as attachments to Only the attachments will print, not the text from the email.

This service is inexpensive and easily accessible to students, faculty, staff, library patrons, and guests.


  • Printing - Color or Black and White
  • High availability
  • Excellent high-speed printing

What to Expect?
Service is only available during the location's hours of operation.


  • Report problems or requests for assistance to the OTS Service Desk.
  • Use the print stations to add money to accounts.
  • Students that will be paying cash (using an Add Value Station) for their printing must have an LSC Student ID badge. If you do not have a badge, apply at the circulation desk at your college library.

(Retrieved from the intranet: Technology Services >  Pay-to-Print and Mobile Print.)


Option 2

1. Email the documents you want to print as attachments to Only the attachments will print, not the text from the email.‚Äč

2. You will receive an email telling to register your email address

3. Click on that link in the email (only some browsers will work; Safari may not be one of them).

4. It will ask you to log in to My Lone Star.  Once you do that, you are registered.

5. Your print job will now show up when you log into the Print Release Station.


SIB 105 is set up for faculty to print and make photocopies.

Employee badges should open door. If the door is locked, please contact an officer to let you into SIB 105:

  •          From a cell: 281-290-5911
  •          From an on-campus phone: 5911 

If faculty or staff wish to print in the library, they will have to pay for their print jobs.

*UHD students have free printing with their tuition.


UHD Computer Lab is located in CLA 104

Hours: Monday - Thursday 4:00 - 9:00

Students are welcome to use the Library space and computers. Direct them to their assigned lab for FREE printing. A lab assistant is always present to help them in CLA 104.


  • If a UHD student shows up earlier than the lab is open or on a Friday you can direct them over to the Advisor’s office in Admissions/Advising Area. They need to ask for Mandy Danley at the front desk and she should be able to assist them. 
  • If they show up on a Saturday they would either need to come back on another day if they don’t want to pay for printing and if they insist on printing that day they must pay for the services
    • Former Lone Star students can still use their myLoneStar account.
    • Consider other students like public library patrons.

There is no guest printing with guest access.

Community members should be using their public library card to both login and print documents. Direct them to get a public library card to be able to use our printing services.

For professional-quality jobs, suggest community members upload their print job to UPS, FedEx, or Staples.

If this is an urgent need, you may push a print job for only a few pages. This is a ONE TIME thing for the community member. Please let your supervisor know when this takes place and what the cost was for the print job.



Problem: Add Value Station is saying, "unauthorized user."


  1. The student has not set up his/her account. Have him/her login to the Print Release Station to activate the account.
  2. The student is scanning the wrong barcode. Make sure he/she is scanning the small barcode. It should slide in first and have the card tipped at a slight angle (roughly 15º).
  3. Try the card yourself (see details in number 2).
  4. Have the student type in his/her student ID number on the screen. 
    1. Hit the star to activate the touch screen keyboard.
    2. Enter numbers.
    3. Hit the star again.

Problem: The document did not print.


  1. Did the student name the job in the pop-up window?
  2. Check that the default printer is set to Kingwood BW Printer.
  3. Try the ADA printer.
  4. Upload it to My Print Center.
  5. Check the Pharos print and released queues.
  6. Push the print job through in Pharos.

Problem: Student's print job is not printing correctly. It looks like a screenshot.


  1. Download the document from D2L.
  2. Open the document up from the downloaded file.
  3. Print from there. NOT in D2L.

The My Print Center tool housed in the student’s My Lone Star has not been consistently working for people. We played around with it and suspect that it’s a browser issue. Here’s how to troubleshoot:

  1. Clear the cash.
  2. Use a different browser
  3. Use the link on the library page.

Problem: Student adds money to his/her account, but My Print Center does not show the funds.


  1. Confirm the method of adding funds to his/her print account.
  2. If paid by cash, confirm the student entered his/her correct ID.
  3. Because PayPal is a third party service, sometimes the funds will not immediately sync with our system. It can sometimes take an hour.
  4. Go in to Pharos and check the student's account.
  5. Make note of the student's ID information if the funds do not show up in Pharos.
  6. Print the jobs for the student.
  7. Check back into the student's account to confirm the funds were added.
    1. If it does not show up, manually add the funds.

Did you know that you can overfill a printer with paper? This the number one cause of paper jams. Just like pouring a glass of wine, it is improper to fill the tray to the top; don’t put in the entire ream of paper.

  1. Fan the stack of paper to avoid sheets clinging to one another and
  2. Straighten the stack before adding it to the tray.

The sheet trays have a level-looking thing on the outside. This will tell you how much paper is left if the tray: up = full; down = low or empty.

Large print jobs do not print and will freeze the person's queue. This typically happens when students want to print a large PowerPoint presentation with lots of photos (Nursing students will often do this). Have them break up the job and do set it to do multiple copies.

Double Sided

By default, the printers are set to print single-sided. This is a preference for many faculty grading papers. However, there will be times where students prefer to save on paper by printing double-sided. This is done in the print features section.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint: Print > Print on Both Sides

Chrome browser: Print > More Settings > Two-Sided check-box

(Last resort) Go into Print Properties and check ECO Print.

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