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Technology Manual

Terms of Use

Terms of use

  1. The studio may be used for one-hour with the opportunity to extend as needed if not busy.
  2. The studio is available by appointment only, Monday-Friday. Appointments are made through WCOnline. 
  3. The studio can be used by an individual. Groups are not allowed at this time.
  4. The recording studio closes an hour before the Learning Commons closes. 
  5. Students are expected to behave professionally in the space and with the equipment.
  6. No Food or Drinks allowed in  the studio
  7.  Any work saved on the computer will be erased upon logging off.
  8. Flash drives are not provided. Students must bring their own flash drive to save their recording to.


The basic set-up 

  1. Plug the flash drive into the USB port.
  2. The lights will turn on and the computer monitor will show the video with a slight delay.
  3. When you are ready, hit the start/stop button. You will have a 5-second count down before the recording starts.
  4. When finished, hit the start/stop button. The computer will start saving the recording to the flash drive. The text under the blue directions image will tell you when it is ready to be unplugged or to start recording again.

The Camera ​

The camera is sitting on a head that can be easily adjusted. Tilt it up or down to best capture the person/people on the screen. You can zoom in and out as well on the camera. It is recommended that the camera is set in a way to avoid showing the edges of the screen.

The Computer Bits ​

The keyboard and mouse for the OBS computer are located on the pull-out tray.

Blue/Green Light Switch 

The small silver switch is on the left side of the box.

  • Switch it up to turn on the green light.
  • Switch it down to turn on the blue light.
  • Move it to the center to turn off the light.

Projector Set-Up


  • Computer
  • Projector
  • Projector remote
  • Presentation clicker
  1. Log onto the computer and set up presentation visual aids.
  2. Turn on the projector, using the remote.
  3. Record presentation. The presenter can use the clicker to move slides along or use the laser pointer to highlight.
  4. When done, turn off the projector and log off of the computer.

On Reserve

The projector remote, to turn it on/off, and a presentation clicker with a laser pointer are on reserve and are to be checked out to the student who has reserved the OBS. 

The Set-Up

There is a PC computer that is stationed facing on the podium, facing the entrance. This computer is where students can log in to their account and open up their presentation slides to project onto the screen.


  1. Log in to the computer.
  2. Open presentation file and set it to Slide Show.
  3. Use the remote to turn on the projector.
  4. Use the clicker to move to the next slide.

Before You Go

  • When done, make sure that the projector is turned off to preserve the bulb (it's expensive to replace).
  • Log out of the computer.
  • Return the remote and clicker to the service desk.

What is a Green or Blue Screen?

The Studio is set up so that a user can record a video and add images or other video layers into the background of the recording.


A green screen is a standard because neon green is not typically used/worn by the subject (clothes, hair, etc.). A blue screen is a back-up color for times when one might blend into the green background (think Kermit the Frog).

The One-Button Studio does this by using a colored LED light that is reflected onto the special screen in the space. It does not look very different until you look at the preview on the screen. The lighting in the studio will have a significant effect on how well the presenter will show up in the foreground. Make sure that the stage lights are all on when the 

flash drive is plugged in. 

What do I need to do?

The light switch box is located on the podium, under the video camera. There is a small metal switch on the left side.

  • Switch it up to turn on the green light.
  • Switch it down to turn on the blue light.
  • The middle station turns the light off.

Be sure to turn off the light once the recording is completed.


The One-Button recording user set-up should be very simple.

To Start:

  1. Plug in a flash drive into the USB port (the pink cable).
    -The lights will turn on.
    -The monitor will display the camera view.
  2. Push the Start/Stop button.
  3. There will be a 5-second count down before the recording starts.

    When done:

  4. Push the Start/Stop button.

  5. The recording will start to save to the flash drive.

  6. The screen will tell you when it is ready to be removed or start recording again.

  • Is the projector turned off?
  • Is the blue/green light turned off?
  • Are the lights facing the right direction and off?
  • Is the projector computer logged off?
  • Is all the equipment still in place?
  • Is the place clean?

Restart the computer. (It may need to be restarted multiple times.)


Indigo 7.4 interrupted

(you will likely see this first thing in the morning)

  • Restart the computer
  • Apple icon > Restart

The button doesn't work

  • Hold it down for 30 seconds. It may be slow to respond.
  • Try the space bar.
  • Restart
    Apple icon > Restart



Less than 1 Gb space on the flash drive message and it will not record

  • Restart the OBS software
  • Check the drive to make sure there is enough memory left
  • Format the flash drive (this will erase all files, make sure they are backed up somewhere)
  • Use another flash drive
  • For the OBS software, there's a bug with it where it thinks a flash drive is inserted after restarting. To resolve this, OBS needs to be closed and re-opened.​


ID badge doesn't unlock the door

  • Use the break room key

AppointmentsStep 1: Student Reservation

On the library's home page, the Appointments button will take the user to the WC Online scheduling tool. Learning Support uses it for appointments with tutors and on the back-end for booking the ADA tutoring room. This button is also on the Library Services and Resources, One-Button Studio page and Honors guides.

Students will have to go through a quick set up process where they create an account in the program. From there, they can select the calendar of their interest (Math, Writing, OBS, or Honors Research Consultations) and set up an appointment at a time that works best for them.

The student will receive a reminder and, if necessary, a cancelation email.

Step 2: Librarian Puts Reservation on the Room Scheduler

Because the WC Online tool is unable to sync up with our Evoko room schedulers, please enter the scheduled appointments onto the LIB 105 calendar. Kingwood.Library email should receive the appointment confirmations. 

  1. Copy the patron's name that is in the email or calendar in WC Online.
  2. Open the LIB 105 calendar.
  3. Make a New Meeting Request.
  4. Set the date and time as provided in the email.
  5. Enter or paste the student's name in the subject field.
  6. Click on the Room button and double-click on KC-LIB-105, then click OK for the pop-up window to disappear. The room number should now be listed in the room field as well as the attendee field.
  7. Send the invite.



1 The first step is to open KC-LIB-105 - Calendar - Outlook and click KC-LIB-105.

Step 1 image

2 Right Click in the calendar to at the requested day and time.

Step 2 image

3 Click New Meeting Request.

Step 3 image

4 Click Rooms...

Step 4 image

5 Doubleclick KC-LIB-105

Step 5 image

6 Click OK

Step 6 image

7 Click Start Time

Step 7 image

8 Select Time

Step 8 image

9 Click END Time.

Step 9 image

10 Click Date Picker

Step 10 image

11 Click Selected Date

Step 11 image

12 Click Subject

Step 12 image

13 Type in Subject and Click Send

Step 13 image

13b Click

Step 13b image

14 That's it. You're done.

Step 14 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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