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Technology Manual


Set Up

  1. Connect your device to the Media:Scape
    1. Inside the well in the table, pull out one of the Pucks.
    2. Connect the cable to your HDMI port. If you do not have an HDMI port, converters are available to borrow from the library reserves collection.
  2. Turn on the Puck
    1. Press the number highlighted on the puck to project your device's screen onto the TV.
  3. Switch between devices displayed (optional)
    1. Press Off in the center of the Puck currently projecting onto the TV.
    2. Ensure that the other device is connected using another Puck cable. 
    3. Press the highlighted number on the Puck connected to the desired device..
    4. The display will now change to the new device.


Students are moving the table closer to the booths or trying to connect other devices to the plugs on the pillars. If this happens then the TV has been turned off. There is a remote in the Tech Bits tub in the workroom. 

  1. Bring it over to the Media Scape and hit the red power button in the top left corner.
  2. A source screen may appear as it tries to search for a connection. Hit the Source button on the top right corner.
    1. Navigate to the PC option using the arrow buttons and select with the button in the center of the arrows.
  3. Connect a laptop to the puck and turn on the projection.

When initially connecting your device to the Media Scape display, the puck may sometimes not light up with your number to connect. If this happens, disconnect the puck and try again. If this does not resolve the problem, hold down on the power button located in the puck's storage tray area. Then turn it back on. 

Hit Flag + P to pull up the projection options. Most people will want to Duplicate their screen. More information

There is no sound. We have headphones that students may check out to use on their device or on our computers if they need to listen to a video.
That being said, someone may have turned up the volume. Grab the remote and turn it all the way back down to zero. :)

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